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Breaking Bad (2008) Nude Scenes

Breaking Bad
  • Nudity Rating:
    Brief Nudity
  • Genres drama crime
  • Country: USA
  • Network: AMC

In Breaking Bad (2008), Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is an underachieving high school chemistry teacher struggling to make ends meet. When he is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, White partners up with former student, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), to cook and sell high quality methamphetamine with the goal of securing his family’s financial future. As the crafty chemist begins mastering the meth business, he enters a...See Full Review

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Celebs in Breaking Bad (2008)
Celeb Nudity Description Pics Clips
Christopher-cousins-fcb07541_headshot Christopher Cousins as Ted Beneke Sexy shirtless, sexy 6 2
Bryan-cranston-34abbcf0_headshot Bryan Cranston as Walter White Nude shirtless, straight, butt, sexy, underwear, bulge, balls 23 7
Dean-norris-f0a17db2_headshot Dean Norris as Hank Schrader Sexy sexy, shirtless, underwear 5 1
Aaron-paul-12c0e65b_headshot Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman Nude sexy, shirtless, underwear, straight, butt 9 2
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