Crossing Over (2009) Nude Scenes

Crossing Over
  • Nudity Rating:
    Brief Nudity
  • Genres drama
  • Country: USA
  • Director(s): Wayne Kramer
  • Rating: R

Crossing Over (2009) is a story about the realities and complications of the immigrant experience in Los Angeles with an ensemble cast that includes Harrison Ford and Ray Liotta. Ford is an immigration officer with a heart of gold, and Liotta is a green-card approval officer with a heart as black as the LA night.  There may be ten million stories in the naked city, but only one story is naked in this movie.  The...See Full Review

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Celebs in Crossing Over (2009)
Celeb Nudity Description Pics Clips
Ray-liotta-787007ef_headshot Ray Liotta as Cole Frankel Nude shirtless, straight, butt 3 2
Rey-valentin-602bf868_headshot Rey Valentin as Javier Pedraza (as Reynaldo Valentin) Nude butt, shirtless, straight, balls, penis 4 1
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