Desperate Romantics nude-scenes

Desperate Romantics
  • Nudity Rating: Brief Nudity
  • Genre: drama
  • Country: England, UK
  • Home Release: 07/20/2010
  • Network: BBC
  • Runtime: 60 Minutes
  • Premier Date: 07/21/2009
  • End Date: 08/25/2009
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British TV series Desperate Romantics (2009 - ) follows the story of a group of young artists struggling to make a name for themselves in London in the 1850’s. Their lives are filled with drama, inspiration, joy, sadness and – most importantly – nudity.

Aidan Turner plays Dante Gabriel Rossetti and does a fine job of showing us his finely sculpted ass. We first get to view this piece of art when he is lying... See full review

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Aidan Turner as Dante Gabriel Rossetti
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