Eating Out: The Open Weekend (2012) Nude Scenes

Eating Out: The Open Weekend
  • Nudity Rating:
    Great Nudity
  • Genres comedy romance
  • Country: USA
  • Director(s): Q. Allan Brocka
  • Rating: NR

Relationships have rules, but sometimes these rules need to be broken. In Eating Out: The Open Weekend (2011), Zack (Chris Salvatore) and his new boyfriend, Benji (Aaron Milo) head off to vacation at an all-male resort. Benji anticipates a bevy of buff boys breathlessly waiting for his arrival, so he proposes to Zack that they should have an open relationship, just for the weekend. Though he’s initial against the idea,...See Full Review

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Celebs in Eating Out: The Open Weekend (2012)
Celeb Nudity Description Pics Clips
Aaron-milo-87ab976f_headshot Aaron Milo as Benji Sexy shirtless, bathing suit, bulge, gay 11 4
Antonio-orlando-b7bddf58_headshot Alvaro Orlando as Luis Nude shirtless, balls, penis, butt 6 1
Chris-salvatore-c50da413_headshot Chris Salvatore as Zack Sexy shirtless, gay 5 3
Daniel-skelton-ec0daf66_headshot Daniel Skelton as Casey Sexy shirtless, gay 4 2
Michael-vara-50981e60_headshot Michael Vara as Peter Nude shirtless, bulge, butt, gay 11 3
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