Girls nude-scenes

  • Nudity Rating: Great Nudity
  • Genre: comedy
  • Country: USA
  • Network: HBO
  • Runtime: 30 Minutes
  • Premier Date: 04/15/2012
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Four twentysomething New Yorkers navigate a social landscape full of narcissism and privilege in the HBO series Girls. Hannah (Lena Dunham) is an aspiring writer who graduated from college two years ago, but is still living off her parents’ money and not making any real progress in her career. So when her parents unexpectedly push her off the gravy train, Hannah's life is thrown into turmoil. And with all her friends... See full review

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Male Celebs in Girls (2012)
Christopher abbott 67762d5a headshot
Christopher Abbott as Charlie Dattolo
Sexy sexy, shirtless, straight, underwear, bulge
Riz ahmed acbf4d98 headshot
Riz Ahmed as Paul-Louis
Sexy shirtless
Skylar astin 6a44c56f headshot
Skylar Astin as Matt Kornstein
Sexy sexy, shirtless, underwear, straight, bulge
Adam driver f9db3416 headshot
Adam Driver as Adam Sackler
Nude butt, shirtless, underwear, sexy, straight, bulge
Daniel eric gold 88df3457 headshot
Daniel Eric Gold as Jessa's Ex-Boyfriend
Nude butt, sexy, straight, balls
Ko iwagami a3a8c111 headshot
Ko Iwagami as Masa
Nude butt, underwear, shirtless
Evan jonigkeit 2f5366db headshot
Evan Jonigkeit as Parker
Sexy sexy, shirtless, straight
Alex karpovsky 2d1a62c6 headshot
Alex Karpovsky as Ray Ploshansky
Nude butt, shirtless, straight, underwear, sexy
Hiro mizushima 3bf7e92c headshot
Hiro Mizushima as Yoshi Kadokura
Sexy shirtless
Ebon mossbachrach 261247f1 headshot
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Lou taylor pucci 5a1c1b07 headshot
Nude sexy, shirtless, straight, underwear, butt
Zachary quinto 696d6806 headshot
Sexy sexy, shirtless, straight
Andrew rannells ed4f124e headshot
Andrew Rannells as Elijah Krantz
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Peter scolari af53ba65 headshot
Peter Scolari as Tad Horvath
Nude shirtless, penis, balls, butt, sexy, straight
Corey stoll fb53b655 headshot
Corey Stoll as Dill Harcourt
Sexy gay, sexy, shirtless
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