Irreversible nude-scenes

  • Nudity Rating: Great Nudity
  • Genres: crime, drama, mystery, thriller
  • AKA: Irréversible
  • Country: France
  • Theatrical Release: 03/07/2003
  • Home Release: 08/05/2003
  • Director: Gaspar Noé
  • MPAA Rating: NC-17
  • Runtime: 97 Minutes
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Director Gaspar Nóe dropped the brutal film Irréversible (2002) on unsuspecting audiences at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival and caused an uproar with its controversial violent sex and murder scenes. The film is told in reverse, starting with a murder scene and working backwards to show why the murder happened. Vincent Cassell stars opposite his real-life woman, Monica Belluci, and the two have some great moments... See full review

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Vincent Cassel as Marcus
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