Jeremy Meeks, the Hot Felon, Just Walked for New York Fashion Week

Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 5:00pm by Annie Position

Jeremy Meeks at New York Fashion Week

You likely remember Jeremy Meeks. In 2014, his mugshot went viral due to how insanely attractive it was, despite the fact that he had been convicted of a felony and would be in prison until 2016. Well, check him out now! 

Jeremy Meeks

After catching word of his viral beauty while he was in prison, he started up an Instagram account - I mean, wouldn't you? Since then, he's amassed 772K followers. He was released from prison about a year ago, and literally signed a modeling contract with White Cross Management upon his immediate release. I can't be 100 percent sure, but becoming rich and famous is probably the best case result of being incarcerated. 


The past year has been a busy one for Meeks, as showcased by his Instagram. He's definitely got the modeling poses/expressions down:

Jeremy Meeks

I mean, look at those eyes!!!! 

MeeksHe's climbing out a pool in pants!!!! This man was meant to model. His tattoos are badass too, though very serious - you don't get one of those teardrops for nothing. I can't imagine many male models have authentic tear tattoos, you know? Regardless, he just took his modeling fame to a whole new level by walking New York Fashion Week for Philipp Plein.

He's a natural. He really, truly is. And to think this all started with a Facebook post