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  • Nude Roles: 5
  • Birthplace: London, ENG
  • Birthdate: 1/13/1983
  • Ethnicity: White

London-born babe Julian Morris is handsome with a capital H! Julian made his silver screen debut in the romantic comedy Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (1999) before moving on to appear in the horror flick Cry_Wolf (2005). We weren’t crying wolf, we were crying for some nudity from Julian, and we got it. The romantic drama Whirlygirl (2006) gave us our first look at Julian’s beautiful bubble butt as he gets out of bed to put on his undies. It was brief, and it left us wanting more. Julian got...

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Maninorangeshirt morris hd 01 small 3
Man in an Orange Shirt (2017) Nude, butt, shirtless 00:06:25 Julian Morris scrubs his skin intensely again, baring his beautiful buns in the shower.
Maninorangeshirt morris dunster hd 01 small 3
Man in an Orange Shirt (2017) Nude, butt, gay, sexy 00:12:34 Julian and Phil have some aggressive sex, both showing their beautiful asses!
Maninorangeshirt morris gyasi hd 02 small 3
Man in an Orange Shirt (2017) Nude, butt, gay, shirtless 00:38:39 Julian Morris shows his sculpted ass as he scrubs himself down VIGOROUSLY, and we see David shirtless before the pair kisses!
Maninorangeshirt morris edwards hd 01 small 3
Man in an Orange Shirt (2017) Sexy, gay 00:03:29 Julian and Drew bang on the table, but no skin is shown!
Maninorangeshirt morris gyasi hd 01 small 3
Man in an Orange Shirt (2017) Sexy, gay 00:19:33 Julian and David kiss tenderly outside before things get more aggressive!
Maninorangeshirt morris gyasi hd 03 small 3
Man in an Orange Shirt (2017) Sexy, gay 00:44:01 Julian and David make out outside!
Handofgod 01x02 julianmorris hd 03 small 3
Hand of God (2014) Nude, bathing suit, butt, straight 00:45:15 Julian Morris shows off his perfect body as he bones a girl on the piano, giving us a long look at his ass!
Handofgod 01x05 julianmorris santiagosegura hd 01 small 3
Hand of God (2014) Nude, butt, shirtless, sexy 00:26:25 Julian Morris starts giving a shirtless sales pitch to a couple very high people, then he crawls around on the floor, showing his beautiful butt. Santiago Segura is relatively unconscious on the couch, but he definitely looks hot with no shirt on.
Handofgod 01x07 morris hd 01 small 3
Hand of God (2014) Sexy, sexy, shirtless 00:23:38 Some dude unbuttons and removes Julian Morris's shirt. They spend a lot of time talking about God, but we're mostly worshipping Julian's six pack.
Handofgod 01x05 julianmorris hd 02 small 3
Hand of God (2014) Sexy, sexy, shirtless, underwear 00:29:36 Julian scrambles frantically on the floor in his undies, nicely showing off his upper and lower body!
Donkeypunch various 01 small 3
Donkey Punch (2008) Nude, penis, sexy, shirtless, balls, straight, butt 00:32:52 It's orgy time, Julian Morris is shirtless, then later shows his penis. Tom Burke bares butt and very briefly flashes peen twice. Odd man out Jay Taylor is wearing a pouch.


TV Shows

Man in an Orange Shirt 2017 - as Adam Berryman

Hand of God 2014 - as Reverend Paul Curtis

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