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Actor Ryan Dungo is new on the scene and full of hot promise. The dark-haired young man began his new career with a part in Reyna: Ang makulay na pakikipagspalaran ng mga achucherva, achuchuva, achechenes... (2006). Long title for a short part, but fear not - he gets a much longer and sexier part in Sagwan (2009) as Alfred. He is naked and laying on a pile of guys to show of his golden back and buns. Yum! He later pulls down his pants just enough to show off his balls and Dungo Dingus! That's...

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Sagwan ryandungo hd 04 small 3
Sagwan (2009) Nude, balls, penis 00:16:35 Dungo bares his dongo and dingos while masturbating!
Sagwan ryandungo hd 08 small 3
Sagwan (2009) Nude, butt, penis 01:01:20 Ryan Dungo bares butt and cock while he showers off!
Sagwan ryandungo hd 09 small 3
Sagwan (2009) Nude, balls, butt, penis, shirtless 01:03:20 Ryan Dungo suds up, wiping down his butt, balls, and shaft!
Sagwan dennistorres ryandungo brixcarpio hd 10 small 3
Sagwan (2009) Nude, balls, gay, penis, butt 01:11:30 See every inch of Ryan as he does the dirty with two guys in the wild!
Sagwan dennistorres ryandungo hd 12 small 3
Sagwan (2009) Nude, balls, butt, penis, shirtless 01:34:37 Ryan and Dennis both go completely nude for a passionate threeway! We like this movie.


Sagwan 2009 - as Alfred

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