'Shadowhunters' Is Back and Matthew Daddario Is Still Sexy

Fri, Jan 6, 2017 at 5:00pm by Annie Position

Matthew Daddario

Yum. Matt Daddario - brother of the famed Alexandra Daddario - is a gorgeous mess of melting brown eyes and disheveled hair and ABS. He. Is. Beautiful. He's also one of the stars of Shadowhunters, now back for its second season. So far, it's already been great. 

His torso is rightfully glowing. 

Matt is delightfully quirky, showcased by many of his recent interviews. He has a bunny, does archery, loves fried cheese, and does not seem to care whatsoever that's he's rapidly becoming a household name. I love it. 


Buzzfeed recently featured Matthew in an article, and one commenter summed up my feelings perfectly: 


His star is still rising, though, which means you can be along for the whole ride. So I implore thee: Get on the Shadowhunters bandwagon while the season is still fresh.