Milo Ventimiglia nude

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  • Nudity Rating: Great Nudity
  • Number of Roles: 6
  • Date of birth: 7/8/1977
  • Place of Birth: Anaheim, California, US
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Best known for playing Peter Petrelli in Heroes, it's Milo Ventimiglia's cute patoot that really has super powers.  We first fell in lust with this indie babe's facial scruff and dark chin-length locks, as Jess, the bad boy with a good heart on WB's Gilmore Girls, but it was the intimate view of his ass and anus that had us wanting to play doctor with the sexy star in the medical thriller ...See Full Bio

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Pathology (2008) as Ted Grey
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Nude sexy, shirtless, bulge, underwear, butt
Wild Card (2015) as Danny DeMarco
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TV Shows
The Whispers (2015) as Sean Bennigan
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