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With legendary comedians for his parents, it’s not surprising that Ben Stiller has made a living by making us laugh. I guess the funny bone doesn’t fall far from the funny farm? But what’s exciting about Ben is that he has a duality that simultaneously makes us chuckle and turns us on. Though he’s looked sexy in films like The Cable Guy (1996), Permanent Midnight (1998), and Mystery Men (1999), the mystery of Ben’s sexiness became apparent when he showed some prosthetic junk in the hit comedy...

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Along Came Polly - as Reuben Feffer (Nude)
Nude, butt, sexy, shirtless
01:25:43 Ben shows butt as he takes a dip in the ocean. Impressive!
There's Something About Mary - as Ted Stroehmann (Nude)
Nude, balls, penis, prosthetic
00:17:11 Ben sports a prosthetic peen in the famous caught-in-the-zipper scene.
Greenberg - as Roger Greenberg (Nude)
Nude, sexy, straight, butt
01:02:50 Ben Stiller shows off his fabulous ass while he bangs a flexible girl on the couch!

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