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Brad Pitt may have started out as the pretty boy in movies, but he has evolved into one of the best actors working today. His history is filled with great movies, and many shots of his perfect ass. Brad teased us early in his career with slight glances during love scenes or just a flash as he stood in the dark, but he delivered the full main course meal of glutes galore in Twelve Monkeys (1995). For the scene in question he pulls down his pants, moons some guards, then flexes those fine fanny muscles as he jumps bottomless from bed to bed. It is enough to cause temporary insanity in your pants!

He teased us again in Fight Club (1999), showing off a body so fit and cut you'll want to go to the basement for a little one-on-one wrestling. Brad brings the booty in the film Kalifornia (1993) when he digs a huge hole in his birthday suit, strutting that amazing ass around outside! Brad’s sexiest role has to be as Achilles in Troy (2004). Pitt fought the Trojans and offered up brilliant views of his butt, plus plenty of skintastic scenes while shirtless and half naked. Brad is certainly at his sweaty, sultry best here.

You can also see Brad show some skin in Allied (2016), Johnny Suede (1991), Legends of the Fall (1994), Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005), The Dark Side of the Sun (1988), The Mexican (2001), Thelma & Louise (1991), and The Favor (1994). Brad has said that he will no longer do nudity in movies calling it, “…a younger person’s game.” Let’s just keep our fingers crossed, and hope that one day Brad decides to show off his money balls!

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