A team of Brazilian journalists set out to uncover the rampant homosexual activity happening behind the walls of churches all over the world, and what they found was astounding. The documentary, called Amores Santos, or Sacred Love, stars actor Darico Macedo, who created three different fake Facebook profiles to chat with bishops, archbishops, priests, pastors, and other religious figures and spark sexual connections with them. It's not exactly what you'd expect from a group of men known for delivering speeches condeming and stigamitizing homosexuality. 

Amores Santos priest

Darico communicated with 150 different religious figures in more than 30 different countries, engaging in cybersex with nearly all of them. The conversations and interactions were recorded via webcam (because what isn't these days?), and the director, Dener Giovanni, reportedly found it most interesting how many of these sexual interactions went down in sacred or religious places. 

Amores Santos 2

Some priests and bishops attempt to expain why it is that they engage in homosexual activity—some, of course, are single and "celibate", while other pastors are married with children—while they condemn it from the pulpit, but the overarching message is simple: It's not a documentary demonizing the church; it's merely pointing to the damage their inaccurate and hurtful speeches cause in the lives of gay men and women, particularly those who are young and face depression and violence when their families or communities alienate them.  

Amores Santos

The documentary is due to be released (though they're not quite sure how yet) in January of 2016, so hold onto your briefs. It's about to get good.