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Cover Boy... Last Revolution (2006)

Great Nudity!
  • Genres: Drama
  • Directed by: Carmine Amoroso
  • Theatrical Release: 03/21/2008
  • Country: Italy
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Cover Boy...Last Revolution (2006) is about two friends Ioan (Eduard Gabia) and Michele (Luca Lionello) who are from different worlds. Ioan runs away from post-Communist Romania in search of a better life while Michele finds himself on the outskirts of society as he struggles to find work. They come together as they fight their evil landlady, Luciana Littizzetto, and struggle to survive in the modern Western world. 

Eduard and Luca splash around naked in the ocean - thank goodness these boys don't cover their boys! There's plenty of Eduard to see as he enjoys a sex scene that shows off everything he has to offer such as his long Romanian schlong. We definitely wanna Grabba Gabia! That's not all - Ronaldo Matsangos shows off his firm, sexy butt. We'll fight the Revolution for more of these buns! 


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