Austin Armacost is best known for being a reality star. His darling face and Herculean bod were on Celebrity Big Brother and The A-List NY, but we recently discovered that he's been keeping busy by being a hot Instagram model. 

Not only is he epically hot, but he's got a great sense of humor that he uses to tease us with. Austin is a cheeky guy who loves showing off his cheeks!

And when our hunky boy gets dirty, he indulges in a shower with other strikingly handsome babes. 

One of our favorite pieces of hot content from Austin is this video that shows him naked, tucked and singing Rupaul's "American". Ameri-can you get any sexier, Austin? See it for yourself here

As you can see, you have to follow Austin. We have hot flashes over here watching his sexy content that borders on being too hot for Instagram!