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Teen series these days are not what they used to be. The CW was filled with implied sex and nudity, while the new shows taking over Hollywood are filled with gratuitous nudity and sex that borders on the pornographic! Gen Z has no chill, and we love it. In what we refer to as the best frontal nude shot ever depicted in a teen television series, Euphoria's Henry Eikenberry flashes his closeted love interest his hairy teenage cock in the boys' locker room before asking if his friend wants to grab a milkshake. He does! We do! We Are Who We Are features frontal from future And Just Like That... star Sebastiano Pigazzi and the hung hottie Corey Knight.

The Gossip Girl reboot proves our point that these kinds of shows are getting hornier over time. This time around, the kids go both ways, and deliver actual nudity! The adorable Jared Reinfeldt and Cole Doman have gay sex while Thomas Doherty watches. Yeah, it's that kind of high school experience. You need to check out all of the nude scenes in Elite to get a grasp on just how far this series goes. In this playlist we're featuring the incredibly realistic gay sex scene from the gorgeous Spanish boys André Lamoglia and Fernando Lindez.

Plus, study up on nudity from celebs like Connor Swindells, Dev Patel, the boys from Riverdale. And don't forget the oldies but goodies, like Stephen Jasso and James Bullard having a threesome in Ken Park. Then keep watching for Chad Michael Murray in the shower in One Tree Hill, Joe Dempsie buck naked in Skins, Edward Guitierrez playing with his cock in Enemies with Benefits, Cody Christian working out in Teen Wolf, Miguel Herrán in Elite walking the halls without clothes on, Mathias Melloul's penis in Sexual Chronicles of a French Family, Constantin von Jascherofft taking off ALL of his clothes in Barefoot to the Neck, Luke Cook showering in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and the naked gay boys in Anti Reproductive Mating Ritual who swordfight with their erections ion broad daylight. ::Gasps for air!:: All of this PLUS the boys in T@gged, Pretty Little Liars, Stranger Things, Porky's, Jonah from Tonga, and Mortel. We know that was a mouthful, and speaking of... enjoy the hot and hung boys by checking out the full scenes below!

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