It's time to play a good ol' fashion game of erotic or scary, brought to you by Riverdale's breakout starlet, K.J. Apa! The twenty-three-year-old Kiwi cutie just joined the social media platform TikTok yesterday and already is going viral for his crizazy posts. Especially his most recent video, in which Apa wildly gyrates his body while shirtless. The dance moves aren't just unique - they're almost incomprehensible, and they're certainly getting fans talking.



We took an oath to be into anything that involves a shirtless K.J. Apa, and yes, that includes this video. And while we're on the subject of shirtless K.J. Apa, we also need to inform you that the social media darling posted a super sexy shirtless picture on his Instagram account in which we can witness all of his hard work at the gym, not to mention his awesome happy trail. 


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Now Apa, show us the treasure!