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The Best Shower Scenes

Sometimes the best opportunity to see a big screen actor in the buff is in those beloved shower scenes. There’s a gleam in Mr. Man’s eye and a tingle in his pants when he hears the shower running while the camera pans up to dole out some flesh. Will he show skin? Will it just be a tease? How much will he show? We’ve all asked these questions while watching movies. With this playlist, we’ve cut out the suspense and went straight to the skin. Check out these studs and suds! Kevin Bacon shows the full meal deal while cleaning up in Wild Things. Antonio Banderas and Woody Harrelson go buns out in the same shower in Play it to the Bone. Christian Bale shows off his muscular behind as he goes through his daily hygienic routine. The Death and Life of Bobby Z gives us a look at the butts of Chuck Liddell and Paul Walker as they get cleaned up. Sylvester Stallone flashes that amazing physique while showering in Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot. Sam Rockwell flaunts his backside in the shower in Moon. Eastern Promises does more than promise skin from Viggo Mortensen—he does some hardcore (nude) fighting in the shower. Jaime Foxx enjoys a rub down in Miami Vice. Joseph Morgan proves that an outdoor shower can be just as sexy, especially when butt is included in Ben Hur. Woody Harrelson gives us another look at his backside as he hits the shower in White Man Can’t Jump. Will Smith gives us a peek as he hits the shower in I, Robot. Antonio Banderas goes ass out as he gets cleaned up in Never Talk to Strangers. Dennis Franz gives some primetime behind on NYPD Blue. Eamonn Walker, Luke Perry and Otto Sanchez give a full-frontal performance in Oz. Jackie Chan is butt-alcious in Police Story. Cue the bass as Daniel Newman shows butt while getting cleaned in endgame. Matt Damon, Brendan Fraser and Chris O’Donnell heat up a high school locker room shower in School Ties. Cha Cha Cha gives us all kinds of shower-fresh flesh from Luca Argento. We like our men beefy, built and clean. And after you watch all these clips, you’ll be just as excited as we were piecing them together. We’re just disappointed that no one dropped the soap.

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