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The Flopping Phallus: Penises in Motion

A bare penis is enough of a treat, but seeing it in action, flopping and flapping about, is another thing entirely... another, much sexier thing! We can't help but admire these bad boys in action, and watching their manhood flop about cranks up that admiration to 11! Wanna see mega-celebrity Tom Hardy's boy flop about? Check him out as he greases up in 2008's Bronson! Arnold told us he'd be back, but we didn't know he'd bring his flopping phallus with him in 1984's The Terminator! The late, great Robin Williams was always known for being devoid of all inhibitions, so watch him flop about in Central Park in 1991's The Fisher King for inspiration! Ralph Fiennes always plays psychopaths brilliantly, and seeing his mini-Ralph flap about in Red Dragon made us want to eat him up with some fava beans and a nice Chianti! Rising star Jack O'Connell's prison fight scene from Starred Up gives us some nice looks at his wild side, and be sure not missing all the flopping action from Pierre Deladonchamps and Christophe Paou in the steamy 2014 flick Stranger by the Lake! There's well over a dozen more fantastic flapping cocks for you to enjoy and you won't help but salute these men who let it all hang out!

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