the italian stallion

The Italian Stallion (1970)

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Actor Sylvester Stallone has never lacked for confidence. Long before his breakout hit Rocky (1976), the young thespian was known among casting directors and discerning cineastes to be brazenly cocky, as proven by the future superstar’s stellar performance in Italian Stallion (1970). Stallone’s Stallion character is known simply and definitively as Stud, a moniker derived from the movie’s original title, Party at Kitty and Stud’s. The plot complexities are easily summed up: Stud has lightly...

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Theitalianstallion stallone 02 small 3
Nude, balls, butt, penis, shirtless, straight 00:06:11 It's the Stallone bone! Sly bares all--including some hot hairy heinie--doing his lady in bed.
Theitalianstallion stallone 03 small 3
Nude, balls, butt, penis, shirtless 00:10:18 Stallone will make you moan when he gets up off the bed to light a cig. See smoking ass, dong, and balls.
Theitalianstallion stallone 04 small 3
Nude, shirtless, penis 00:12:00 Two women enjoy the view as Sylvester drops his towel and flexes in front of a mirror, frontally nude. Nice long scene, even though he's not hard-as-a-Rocky.
Theitalianstallion stallone 05 small 3
Nude, balls, butt, penis, shirtless, straight 00:46:08 Sly gets skinterracial with a black babe and bares every inch of his young, taut bod cavorting in front of a fun house mirror.
Theitalianstallion stallone 06 small 3
Nude, balls, penis, shirtless 00:51:08 Sly digs the view of three women having group sex on the floor. YOU'LL prefer the view of his hot full frontal.
Theitalianstallion stallone 07 small 3
Nude, balls, butt, penis, shirtless, straight 01:00:00 Sly holds hands and plays Ring-Around-the-Rosy with an orgy group. Groovalicious frontal and thrusting butt!
Theitalianstallion stallone 01 small 3
Sexy, shirtless 00:03:40 Sudsy shirtlessness and some steamy pubes as Sly and his lady friend soap up in the shower.


Sylvester Stallone

Nude - as Studballs, butt, penis, shirtless, straight

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