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The Oval Orifice: Hottest President Actors


Foreskin and 7 years ago! From Lincoln's log to George's Bush, America's white hot White House studs love reminding us what's under their clothes. Thankfully Hollywood got the hint and has cast some of the sexiest men in the biz to play the Commander in Chief, and we've got their hottest nude roles on the Oval Orifice Playlist!

Before Robin Williams played Theodore Roosevelt in Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian he gave us lengthy full frontal in The Fisher King. Samuel L. Jackson may play a fictitious president in Big Game, but his schlong is all real in The Caveman's Valentine. Marilyn Monroe would love wishing The American President's Michael Douglas a happy birthday after catching his crack and cock in Basic Instinct. Austin Powers president Tim Robbins shows his winning package in The Player. Daniel Day Lewis may have won an Oscar for Lincoln, but it's his soaking wet ass in In the Name of the Father that has us giving a standing ovation! Billy Bob Thornton was a cocky president in Love Actually but it's his grinding ass in Monsters Ball that got people talking. Fun fact alert! American Beauty's nude dude Kevin Spacey pulls a Grover Cleveland by being a non-consecutive president in House of Cards and Elvis and Nixon. Lyndon B. Johnson has nothing on Woody Harrelson, especially when he shows off his peen and tight ass in The Cowboy Way. You'll want to drive off in a Hyundai with Any Given Sunday's Jamie Fox, who played the president in White House Down. The insanely sexy Liev Schreiber brings the beefy to the White House as Lyndon B Johnson in The Butler, and shows off his delicious butt in Ray Donovan. Time to exercise the Fist Amendment!

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