What's better than a man in his underwear? Well, being naked, but being in his undies is a close second. We love watching a sexy hunk strip down to his undies and really bulge out on camera, so we made GIFs of someone of our favorite underwear scenes. We are counting them down here, so enjoy and let us know if there are any great underwear scenes that we missed! 

10. Robert De Niro in Deer Hunter

9. Paul Schneider in All the Real Girls

8. Sam Rockwell in Box of Moonlight

7. Jeff Daniels in Something Wild

6. Bokeem Woodbine, Mark Wahlberg, Antonio Sabato Jr., and Lou Diamond Phillips in The Big Hit

5. Tom Cruise in Risky Business

4. Michael J. Fox in Greedy

3. Mark Ruffalo in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

2. Shia LaBeouf in Sigur Rós: Fjögur píanó

1. Tyson Beckford in Chocolate City