Zayn Malik Adds "Bald" to His List of Iconic Hairstyles

Tue, Sep 5, 2017 at 5:00pm by Annie Position

Zayn's mom posted a photo of him bald on her Instagram, and people are going batshit insane over it. I guess it makes sense, considering that people adore Zayn's hair almost as much as they adore him - which is a lot. The reviews were mixed:

That's one solution, I guess.

Captain Realist, over here.

But Zayn has always been known for bold hair moves, all of which accentuate his perfect face. Because, you know, it's perfect. 

There's retro Zayn: 

Blonde Zayn:

Scruffy Zayn:

Blonde AND scruffy Zayn:

Voluminous Zayn:

Frat boy Zayn:

And suave Zayn: 

I like all the Zayns, personally. And who knows? Maybe he just wanted a clean slate. Literally.