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A-List All-Stars


The A-List is where we love to set our sights. When the All-Stars of Hollywood share some skin, we’ll be there like a laser. Don’t get us wrong, Mr. Man loves beefy babes from the B-List, cuties from the C-List, dashing dudes from the D-List, but it’s those on top that make us want to be on top of them. Mr. Man’s A-List reads like a wish list. Sigh.

Brad Pitt is perfect in Troy. In 300, Gerard Butler bares his moon in the moonlight. James McAvoy is cute in The Last King of Scotland. Ryan Gosling is ravishing in Blue Valentine. In American Psycho, Christian Bale shows why he’s an A-List star. Matt Damon, Brendan Fraser, and Chris O’Donnell steam up the shower with their flesh in School Ties. Keanu Reeves shows some skin in My Own Private Idaho. Love and Other Drugs gives some steamy scenes with Jake Gyllenhaal. Colin Farrell gets busy with a dude in Alexander. Tom Cruise moves with passion in All the Right Moves. Surfer, Dude shows Matthew McConaughey at his fittest. Channing Tatum charms his own pants off in Magic Mike. In The Man Who Fell to Earth, David Bowie shows us why he’s a superstar. Jude drops our jaws in Immorality. Tom Hardy greases up his nude body in Bronson. In I’m Not There, Heath Ledger struts his junk. Alexander Skarsgård shares some burning love in True Blood. Ryan Reynolds shows a little of everything in The Proposal. Johnny Depp gives his regards in Private Resort.

Mr. Man’s A-List will leave your breathless in man-ticipation for more intimate scenes from Hollywood’s cream of the crop.

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