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Top Ten Hottest Scenes From Actors Named Adam

You play Adam. I'll play Eve.

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Huge News: Someone Found Ben Affleck's Secret Instagram

Imagine the secret thirst traps!

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Celebrate Pride With the Hottest Cam Guys on Flirt4Free.com!

These guys will make you feel flirty!

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#TBT to the Ten Hottest Nude Scenes from Skins

So many Mr. Man favorites made their nude debuts here! read more >>

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The Top Ten Sexiest Black Queer Dudes on Mr. Man

Jerk it to these black babes who werk it! read more >>

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Hung Scottish Guy Has One Of The Fattest Penises On Twitter

Just wait until you see it in action... read more >>

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Instagram Boyfriend Nick Champa Shows Major Visible Penis Head In Tighty Whities

The juiciest cock head around?

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Anatomy of a Scene's Manatomy: Tom Cruise's Dick Has 'All the Right Moves'

This week, Tom Cruise caps off his breakout year of 1983 with his one and only dick flash in All... read more >>

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Jay Ellis Talking About His Nude Scenes Is Like Kinda Hot

Basically ya it's a great interview... and ya... hearing Jay candidly talk about his own bare ass... read more >>

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Battle of the Bulge: K.J. Apa vs. Ross Lynch

Are you ABS-olutely sure that you're ready for this Battle of the Bulge? read more >>

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Now Streaming: Ramy, Love Life, and Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet 6.3.20

All new ass to stream!

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Iconic Moments in Queer Cinema: The First Gay Kiss in Hollywood

This homoerotic scene even comes from the first Best Picture winner! read more >>

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The Top Ten Hottest Scenes from Biopics

They even look hot when they play someone else! read more >>

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Nicholas Hoult's Ten Hottest Nude And Gay Scenes In The History Of Ever

Nude. Gay. Nicholas. Hoult.

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Ten Sexiest Actors With June Birthdays In Their Birthday Suits

It's June, which means it's time for poon! read more >>