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TV Nudity Report: American Gods, Now Apocalypse, Warrior & More 4.22.19 Jacob artist 41d1fe infobox b2d14a32 featured

Bums and kissing hot men, please! ... read more

Man Crush Monday: Sexy Vegan Gettyimages 1134097269 ce418679 featured

Are those balls vegan? ... read more

Shawn Mendes Talks About Having His No-No Area Touched During THAT Calvin Klein Underwear Shoot! Shawn mendes ceec89 infobox copy 1dd23f32 featured

"...You just take a deep breath and go ‘this is it, this is what it is now…'"... read more

Movie Nudity Report: Under the Silver Lake, Drunk Parents & Breakthrough 4.19.19 Andrew garfield 61267b infobox bca6b90f featured

Spoiler alert: we have guaranteed nudity in theaters this week! ... read more

Foreign Film Friday: Martyr Hamza mekdad f1a731 infobox 3c3ac83b featured

Hamza Mekdad shows Mekdick! ... read more

Now Streaming: Huge in France and Special 4.18.19 Brian jordan alvarez 07d8a0 infobox 1060fc84 featured

Hot damn these are hot gay hunks! ... read more

Let's Play Guess These Buns! Screen shot 2019 04 16 at 4 57 56 pm 133e5b63 web

Have you seen these buns before?... read more

Kit Harington Got THIS Part Of His Manhood Stuck While Filming Game Of Thrones! Kit harington 3ac22b infobox copy a2d65905 featured

"Sorry. Probably too much information."... read more

COMING TO DVD & BLU-RAY: The Big C, Popstar, and Victoria 4.16.19 Samberg popstar never stop never stopping e7a60571 infobox 55eb4684 featured

You have to see the Sexiest Man Alive on Blu-Ray!... read more

TV Nudity Report: Now Apocalypse and Warrior 4.15.19 Andrew koji 4f89f6 infobox e0a8aeba featured

We can get behind these TV behinds. ... read more

The Extreme Cock And Gay Action In We Are Thr3e Dazzles, Delights Charly etchevers 1a1ed9 infobox copy 4bc78391 featured

Both Argentinian studs Juan and Charly show off their perfect balls and uncut cocks during their climactic threesome, and just, damn...... read more

Man Crush Monday: Desmond Chiam Desmond chiam ea01ec infobox 49d549ef featured

Our MCM loves to get a spanking! ... read more

Foreign Film Friday: Smalltown, Italy Accorsi smalltown italy 6ba63c70 infobox ace5c4e0 featured

Say ciao to these buns! ... read more

Movie Nudity Report: After, Mary Magdalene, Her Smell, Stockholm 4.12.19 Phoenix yards 68a3990a infobox 14d628b2 featured

Don't drool on your popcorn. ... read more

Top Ten Sexiest Scenes from Riverdale K j apa 1cb01e infobox 84b90cf7 featured

It's really hard to choose just ten! ... read more

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