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Billy Eichner is Developing a Gay Romantic Comedy Produced by Judd Apatow Eichner american horror story 07200083 infobox 71cdadd3 featured

But who will play Billy's boyfriend? ... read more

Zac Efron Just Posted A Shirtless Pic With His Brother And People Are Having Impure Thoughts Zac efron nude 8da750d8 featured

"Someone should probably tell Zac Efron not to thirst trap with his brother..."... read more

Sexy Johnny Flynn Might Play David Bowie in Upcoming Biopic Flynn lovesick d888fbea infobox 962b753d featured

Will Johnny be a good Bowie? ... read more

People Are Just Now Realizing That Cameron Robbie Is Hotter Than His Oscar-Nominated Sister Screen shot 2019 02 06 at 10 00 50 am d11e8c96 featured

If Cameron really is gay, then you've got some inappropriate Insta DM-ing to get to! So without further a-dude, check out some of Cameron Robbie's sexiest shirtless pictures below. Sorry Marge. ... read more

We Like the Way Cameron Dallas Grabs His Crotch Dallas chasing cameron 705d80b3 infobox 4ed08423 featured

Don't you?... read more

We Have An Exclusive Pic Of DWTS' Jett Kenny's Ball Falling Out Of His Speedos Jett kenny sexy speedo nude349447 021 copy 2 3fbd4f3f featured

Kenny wasn't about to miss the opportunity to flaunt his Gay Gawd-given looks and hard work at the gym during the Ironman Series. And we're not about to miss the opportunity to post his testicle!... read more

Who Cares If Adam Levine Went Shirtless? We've Seen His Ass Before! Levine maroon 5 this summer s gonna hurt like motherfucker fe9a9e04 infobox b5ddcc6d featured

Oh, we've seen his Super Buns before! ... read more

Sexy Tennis Player Andy Murray's X-Ray Ended Up Being X-Rated! (SPOILER: Penis Ahead) Screen shot 2019 02 01 at 9 47 16 am 25c54b91 featured

We can make out the left-leaning head and shaft, and even what looks to be some ballage! What's not to... love?... read more

Frankie Grande Posted These Sexy Pictures and You Need to See Them Screen shot 2019 01 30 at 9 51 02 am 4e8688e4 featured

He wears that birthday suit with pride! ... read more

These are the 2019 Oscar Nominees Who Have Gone Nude Mortensen captain fantastic b1c906ce infobox b45fff9a featured

And the nominudes are...... read more

Man Crush Monday: Sebastian Stan Stan political animals 272a8116 infobox cdc3a51e featured

We stan Sebastian Stan. ... read more

Troye Sivan Dropped His Hot New Music Video Where Brandon Good Plays His Boyfriend Troye sivan and brandon good b5c1a339 featured

Troye is living our best life right now! ... read more

Man Crush Monday: Keiynan Lonsdale's Thirst Traps Keiynan lonsdale thirst trap 1205565a web

Keiynan clearly wants to show us his cock.... read more

Soooo People Think This Is A Picture Of Semen On Garrett Clayton's Chin Clayton king cobra 81d68cdb infobox copy 0fcec342 featured

I'm a sperm believer of not jumping to conclusions, but...... read more

That Super Hot Main Character From Bandersnatch? Oh, We've Got His Penis Outline Wtlm fionn whitehead 1 1230x923 6afa5af9 featured

Consider your snatch bandered, because we've got Fionn Whitehead's super hot toned twink bod and visible cock bulge from his previous miniseries Him right here. Right now!... read more

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