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Milo Ventimiglia Learns How Hot He Is By Reading Thirst Tweets Milo ventimiglia e1203b infobox 59639985 featured

He has such big BDE that he didn't even care to know what BDE means! ... read more

Antoni Porowski Is Pube-tacular In Most Revealing Photoshoot To Date Antoni porowski underwear shirtless damon baker 03 copy 2 cb4a8873 featured

Porowski is packing something big and juicy...... read more

You Won't Believe How Model Boyfriends Nick Champa And Pierre Bouvier Open A Refrigerator Screen shot 2018 12 10 at 11 47 19 am ec9907a5 featured

Milk, it really does do a body good...... read more

Ryan Murphy Was Honored with a Hollywood Star for All His Hot Contributions to TV Haynes american horror story 41ef3bdd infobox c0e032d5 featured

He deserves a star for providing us with sexy men kissing and undressing! ... read more

Ricky Martin Keeps Setting Thirst Traps on Instagram and We Keep Falling For Them! Screen shot 2018 12 07 at 1 52 41 pm 62d9ec76 web

The thirst is strong with this one. ... read more

Jason Momoa Showers For the Sexiest SNL Promo Ever Momoa justice league c8dfc862 infobox 29a9cc63 featured

We're as wet as he is! ... read more

Attention: This Model-Turned-Engineer is Seriously Sexy Screen shot 2018 12 03 at 19 45 16 811x1024 4cfe83a6 featured

Can he engineer a way to show us his cock? ... read more

Man Crush Monday: Jake Borelli Screen shot 2018 12 03 at 9 35 03 am afefcbb0 web

We love Morelli of Borelli! ... read more

Follow Mr. Man on Social Media to Flood Your Feed with Sexy Men Screen shot 2018 11 30 at 9 47 46 am d244364b featured

You might spill your seed when you're scrolling through your feed. ... read more

Noah Centineo Keeps Setting Thirst Traps on Instagram Screen shot 2018 11 26 at 2 55 22 pm b5c012d7 web

He's leaving us thirsty for more. ... read more

Hugh Jackman Talks Gay Rumors Jackman someone like you e8795f86 infobox b8822d21 featured

We're still not convinced. ... read more

#TBT to Thanksgiving Movie Son in Law Shore son in law 5e0b49b4 infobox e06305cf featured

The cute comedian bared his buns for T-Givs! ... read more

Watch The Aquaman Trailer and Get Wet Momoa justice league c8dfc862 infobox 13baa1a1 featured

If we're already wet, then our theater experience is going to be a flood. ... read more

Ezra Miller Poses for Playboy! Ezra miller  05  f1c8d063 featured

We Need to Talk About Ezra... read more

Rob Raco Talks About Kissing Casey Cott with Tuna Breath Raco riverdale 67e4b615 infobox 1392e5cc featured

We hope he didn't kiss K.J. with that breath! ... read more

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