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Here's Why You're Kinda Weird If You Don't Follow Mr. Man On Social Media! Jonas goat 11321821 infobox e82b7531 featured

Mr. Man's Twitter is THE place to see the latest and greatest celebrity nudity, and we love throwing our followers a boner by sharing full clips of the hottest nude scenes! What's the name of that other Twitter account that does the same thing? Oh, wait, there isn't one. ... read more

Foreign Film Friday: 4 Moons Velazquez 4 moons 5103aa28 infobox 6ce110a2 featured

Steam room hookups, cocks, and more. 4 Moons has it all! ... read more

#TBT to the Gay Romantic Comedy Adam & Steve Gets adam steve 8b6f8f0b infobox 6605382f featured

Forget about Eve, we're all about Adam & Steve. ... read more

Top Ten Nude Scenes from Romantic Movies Nambot theo and hugo c80a4018 infobox  1  29480b7f featured

Get romantic with these nude dudes... read more

Here are Hot GIFs of Guys in Red Underwear for Valentines Day Hot guys with guns 0326edb9 web

These boys in red have us feeling red hot! ... read more

Who'd You Rather Blow: Jeremy Allen White Or Cameron Monaghan Monaghan shameless 552d67fc infobox 1 fecccfc0 featured

If you like ginger power tops with perfect creamy asses, Monaghan might belong in your mouth. If you like rough and rowdy dudes with 'tudes, you might be choosing to have some White stuff in your face. So, Who'd You Rather Blow - Jeremy Allen White or Cameron Monaghan? ... read more

Let's Play Guess Those Buns! Peter gallagher 9e865f9b web

Do you know this ass?... read more

Man Crush Monday: Luke MacFarlane Macfarlane killjoys bc97f5e5 infobox 41d6bfdc featured

How do we love thee? Let us count the abs. ... read more

Foreign Film Friday: The Smell of Us Fechoz smell of us d2348db4 infobox b29d9089 featured

If you like backsack, then this move is for you! ... read more

Guess That Super Gay Movie: This Super Gay Movie Edition! Guess that gay movie 9efc0b1b featured

The only clue I can safely provide without giving away the flick's title is that it's not only gay. But also like super de duper gay. ... read more

Top Ten Sexiest Johns Who Have Gone Nude Myers southern baptist sissies 77aedd62 infobox 5681803b featured

These Johns have got it going on. ... read more

#TBT to Robert Carlyle's Sexiest Roles Carlyle priest fd6e0966 infobox 071ccbdc featured

The Full Monty Star has a great ass! ... read more

Now Streaming: American Pie, Into the Dark: Down & Edge of Seventeen 2.5.19 Matt lauria 26e8e5 infobox 18561ef5 featured

You'll want to stream these dreams.... read more

Let's Play Guess That Cock! Tom hardy dick d0521bb9 web

Can you guess this celebrity dick?... read more

Here are GIFs of Soaking Wet Guys Francisco jane the virgin 11a87b4e web

We'd love to give them a hose!... read more

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