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Fassbender alien covenant 0c402a36 infobox 0bd2ee63 featured
Michael Fassbender's Top Ten Hottest Scenes In The History Of Ever

BIG DICK AHOY!

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Battle of the Bulge: Nicholas Hoult vs. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Two icons. Only one wiener. Vote for the Battle of the Bulge now! read more >>

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EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Celebrity Photographer Mike Ruiz

We chatted up Mike about his charity collab as well as his celebrity crushes, favorite nude scene... read more >>

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Marx sweat ae13e1b5 infobox 54449501 featured
Top Ten Hottest Nude Scenes From Actors Named Peter (Penis Ahead!)

If only Nick Jonas had been named Peter... read more >>

Michele morrone 96e4f1 infobox 1 d255dd4f featured
365 Days Star Michele Morrone Went Nearly Nude On Instagram!

Hairy, ripped, and so much more...

Labeouf nymphomaniac vol i b9443c1b infobox 78cb2a8f featured
Shia LaBeouf's Top Ten Hottest Nude Scenes In The History Of Ever

This guy is a God among Mr. Men, and we just can't get enough of his bad-boy persona and super... read more >>

Walker joy ride ca6a3283 infobox 75240330 featured
Top Ten Hottest Nude Scenes From Actors Named Paul

We like a dude who's Peter, Paul, and HAIRY. read more >>

Ewan mcgregor 28ba67 infobox 173ed71a featured
VOTE On The Battle Of The Bulge: Tom Hardy vs. Ewan McGregor!

These guys are an uncut above the rest. Watch and VOTE! read more >>

Tom ellis 3bead3 infobox 8f96b0e8 featured
Netflix Teases Lucifer Season 5 With Tom Ellis' Best ASSets

The fine folks at Netflix know what we like. read more >>

Screen shot 2020 06 22 at 3 17 30 pm da90b73a featured
You Need To See Thomas Elms' Instagram For The Whole Picture

Now you know the rest of the story. read more >>

Wortham jane virgin 2aa43edd infobox c17e2c0d featured
Top Ten Hottest Celebrity Daddy Dicks Ever

I love my daddy.

Foxx any given sunday f8d02c7e infobox fb6923f7 featured
Jamie Foxx Is So Buff It Hurts In These New Instagram Pics

And he's HOW old?

Jepsen pink moon 1fe1b3ec infobox c619d190 featured
Top Ten Hottest Nude Scenes From Actors Named Brandon

You never know what you're going to get when it comes to Brandons, and these ten guys certainly... read more >>

Dallesandro beefcake 66b2145b infobox 56e7572d featured
VOTE HERE For The Battle Of The Bulge: Casey Donovan vs. Joe Dallesandro!

For this epically cock-filled Battle of the Bulge we're throwing it back 70's style! Casey... read more >>

Apa riverdale 060eeb54 infobox 0230d3c7 featured
Happy Birthday K.J. Apa! Here Are Ten Times He Made Us Precum A Little

The. Full. Package. Mamaw.