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Titans Just Had Its First Nude Scene And Oh Shit Batman Brenton thwaites 6487e0 infobox 2953a105 featured

Titans is coming for the hot dudity and we live. See the scene everyone's talking about HERE! ... read more

Jason Momoa Showers For the Sexiest SNL Promo Ever Momoa justice league c8dfc862 infobox 29a9cc63 featured

We're as wet as he is! ... read more

K.J. Apa's New Shirtless Scene Is Gay Porn And That's Just A Fact K j apa 443137 infobox copy 9400bc9d featured

It all goes down when Apa's Archie - too warm to wear a shirt but too chilly to wear shorts - flaunts his epically ripped, tan, and sweaty bod while handling his big girthy bale. Cole Sprouse's Jughead comes by to offer his friend a glass of lemonade. But he finds himself distracted by all of Archie's bulges. Including THAT bulge. Then they breed each other to death.... read more

Brenton Thwaites Is K.J. Apa-ing And I'm Scared But Excited Brenton thwaites 6487e0 infobox copy 60a64944 featured

Brenton Thwaites is the new K.J. Apa and you're just going to have to deal with it. Sorry, but also not sorry. ... read more

TV Nudity Report: Tell Me a Story 11.3.18 Billy magnussen 61d697 infobox 24465305 featured

Tell us a story about TV dudity! ... read more

A True Blood Musical is in the Works Manganiello true blood 79695d1a infobox b12764b1 featured

We want to burst into song just thinking about the buns in True Blood! ... read more

TV Nudity Report: Escape at Dannemora & Origin 11.19.18 Paul dano 2e9e9c infobox 43dbad01 featured

Let's see the Origins of ass in this week's shows!... read more

Rob Raco Talks About Kissing Casey Cott with Tuna Breath Raco riverdale 67e4b615 infobox 1392e5cc featured

We hope he didn't kiss K.J. with that breath! ... read more

TV Nudity Report: Tell Me a Story 11.5.18 Luke guldan 616178 infobox 1a2a587c featured

Let's tell you a story about a very sexy show. ... read more

All HBO Shows Will Now Have an Intimacy Coordinator on Staff for Better Nude Scenes Harkins deuce 7daf9018 infobox 47087e93 featured

HBO is about to get even nuder! ... read more

TV Nudity Report: The Deuce and Shameless 10.22.18 Chris coy e3dfeb infobox 213db5d1 featured

Begin typing...... read more

TV Nudity Report: The Deuce and Shameless 10.16.18 Cameron monaghan 0c1e49 infobox dcf74ef3 featured

Our two most reliable sources of dudity did not disappoint this week! ... read more

TV Nudity Report: The Deuce and Shameless 10.1.18 Richard flood 1d45d1 infobox e7daadb1 featured

From prosthetics to the real deal, TV was ripe with dudity this week. ... read more

TV Nudity Report: The Deuce and American Horror Story 9.24.18 Evan peters a3c065 infobox 926b5ce6 featured

From sex to porn, this week was outrageously sexy! ... read more

Emmy Winners and Their Nudes Criss american crime story 6f86b2ee infobox d676d7a5 featured

The stars were dressed to impressed, but we're only impressed when they take off their clothes! ... read more

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