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Watch the Trailer for Gay Underwear Model Show 'The Whole Package' The whole package 2394c1f0 featured

We want to see a whole lot more of these packages! ... read more

TV Nudity Report: Shameless & SMILF Jeremy allen white a0f458 infobox 87748f09 featured

Here are the buns on the boob tube this week.... read more

Ryan Murphy Just Cast Olympian Gus Kenworthy in American Horror Story Screen shot 2019 02 11 at 2 40 32 pm 669f5cf4 web

Huh? But also yes, please! ... read more

Yes! Sex Education is Getting a Second Season! Kedar williams stirling 3c7186 infobox c098b24e featured

We could learn more about these hot men's bods. ... read more

Riverdale Just Had Its Gayest Episode Ever, And Again, How Is This Not Porn? Charles melton c2e625 infobox b69e792c featured

K.J. Apa's tits were noticeably absent from Bizarrodale, but if the 5x pairing of Cody's tongue and Casey's throat doesn't do it for you, you might be beyond saving.... read more

Nyle DiMarco Uses His Infinite Hotness for Good on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee Shirtless nyle 8da2ffa0 featured

Nyle knows that sex - and his shirtless chest - sells!... read more

TV Nudity Report: High Maintenance, Crashing, Victoria 2.4.19 Arthur meyer 853b2a infobox 9969f6c0 featured

Our TV nudity dry spell is finally over! ... read more

It Turns Out "Roswell, New Mexico" Is Alien For "Hot Sensual Gay Stuff" Michael vlamis ae2e63 infobox 39e23a46 featured

Seeing the aftermath of Alex and Michael's all-night alien sex fest is doing it for me on this dreary Monday. You?... read more

Charles Melton Talks About K.J. Apa's "Coconuts" In New Shirtless Riverdale Scene! K j apa d7e92f infobox copy c4af1f35 featured

You'll have an Apa-tite for coconuts all of a sudden...... read more

Matthew Wilkas Will Play a Macho Cop in RuPaul's New Netflix Show Wilkas you re killing me 90832f44 infobox 56b2a66f featured

Give us a strip search, Officer Wilkas! ... read more

Check Out the Trailer for Gregg Araki's 'Now Apocalypse' Starring Tyler Posey and Avan Jogia Screen shot 2019 01 18 at 3 41 22 pm ff1b6852 web

Avan Jogia and Tyler Posey in one series? Yes, please! ... read more

TV Nudity Report: Bloom and Luther 1.7.18 Ryan corr naked 0d4e2871 featured

Foreign telly is givin' us plenty of that jelly. ... read more

This Is The Only Place To See The INSANE Jiggly Ass And Gay Action From Bloom Ryan corr 04f640 infobox copy 1963f481 featured

You aren't ready for this super hot jiggly ass. You just aren't.... read more

Check out this French TV Show Where Everyone is Naked the Whole Time Satya dusaugey bbd056 infobox 74a674e7 featured

The costume is no costume! ... read more

Here's the Trailer for the Next Season of Schitt's Creek Rozon schitt s creek 044db4a0 infobox 35985008 featured

Spoiler alert: it's wonderfully gay! ... read more

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