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#TBT to Thanksgiving Movie Son in Law Shore son in law 5e0b49b4 infobox e06305cf featured

The cute comedian bared his buns for T-Givs! ... read more

Thanksgiving Top Ten of Naked Dudes with Food Rapace stockholm bastad 606c03e9 infobox 3cc21e71 featured

Are you hungry...because we're thirsty. ... read more

Now Streaming: Beat 11.20.18 Julius nitschkoff d704c9 infobox b9159d08 featured

One show is all you need to stream this week for ass and cock. ... read more

COMING TO DVD & BLU-RAY: Robin and Marian, Young Guns II & Urban Legends: Final Cut 11.20.18 Estevez young guns ii d54e7c38 infobox cdb55659 featured

We're thankful for ass on DVD and Blu-Ray! ... read more

Let's Play Guess Those Buns! Screen shot 2018 11 19 at 3 18 51 pm 81b7c755 web

You've seen these buns a billion times, but can you guess who this is? ... read more

TV Nudity Report: Escape at Dannemora & Origin 11.19.18 Paul dano 2e9e9c infobox 43dbad01 featured

Let's see the Origins of ass in this week's shows!... read more

Watch The Aquaman Trailer and Get Wet Momoa justice league c8dfc862 infobox 13baa1a1 featured

If we're already wet, then our theater experience is going to be a flood. ... read more

Study Finds Men with Beards More Attractive Huisman game of thrones 65580442 infobox b20e0716 featured

Face beards, not girl beards.... read more

Man Crush Monday: Julian Morris Morris donkey punch 6431f491 infobox f0bdf038 featured

We're always crushing on his bubble butt... read more

Movie Nudity Report: Fantastic Beasts, At Eternity's Gate, Wide & More 11.16.18 Law dom hemingway aeefc6b9 infobox 173e70c7 featured

The movies are here and the men are in them!... read more

Ezra Miller Poses for Playboy! Ezra miller  05  f1c8d063 featured

We Need to Talk About Ezra... read more

Rob Raco Talks About Kissing Casey Cott with Tuna Breath Raco riverdale 67e4b615 infobox 1392e5cc featured

We hope he didn't kiss K.J. with that breath! ... read more

#TBT to Baldwin Brother Nudity Baldwin backdraft 6ecb7a21 infobox 265cf192 featured

Cheers to the Baldwins boys and their beautiful buns! ... read more

Top Ten Sexiest Threesome Scenes Shortbus 645fbd67 web

It's like we always say, the more men the merrier! ... read more

What's Going on with Jaden Smith and Tyler, The Creator? Screen shot 2018 11 14 at 4 12 12 pm 9f54eaaf web

Is this the real deal or a publicity stunt? ... read more

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