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Man Crush Monday: Luke MacFarlane Macfarlane killjoys bc97f5e5 infobox 41d6bfdc featured

How do we love thee? Let us count the abs. ... read more

Foreign Film Friday: The Smell of Us Fechoz smell of us d2348db4 infobox b29d9089 featured

If you like backsack, then this move is for you! ... read more

Guess That Super Gay Movie: This Super Gay Movie Edition! Guess that gay movie 9efc0b1b featured

The only clue I can safely provide without giving away the flick's title is that it's not only gay. But also like super de duper gay. ... read more

Riverdale Just Had Its Gayest Episode Ever, And Again, How Is This Not Porn? Charles melton c2e625 infobox b69e792c featured

K.J. Apa's tits were noticeably absent from Bizarrodale, but if the 5x pairing of Cody's tongue and Casey's throat doesn't do it for you, you might be beyond saving.... read more

Movie Nudity Report: What Men Want, Cold Pursuit, Everybody Knows & More 2.7.19 Greenfield american horror story 98f8acad infobox b09935af featured

Get your tickets to see these studs at the movies this weekend. ... read more

Top Ten Sexiest Johns Who Have Gone Nude Myers southern baptist sissies 77aedd62 infobox 5681803b featured

These Johns have got it going on. ... read more

Zac Efron Just Posted A Shirtless Pic With His Brother And People Are Having Impure Thoughts Zac efron nude 8da750d8 featured

"Someone should probably tell Zac Efron not to thirst trap with his brother..."... read more

#TBT to Robert Carlyle's Sexiest Roles Carlyle priest fd6e0966 infobox 071ccbdc featured

The Full Monty Star has a great ass! ... read more

Sexy Johnny Flynn Might Play David Bowie in Upcoming Biopic Flynn lovesick d888fbea infobox 962b753d featured

Will Johnny be a good Bowie? ... read more

People Are Just Now Realizing That Cameron Robbie Is Hotter Than His Oscar-Nominated Sister Screen shot 2019 02 06 at 10 00 50 am d11e8c96 featured

If Cameron really is gay, then you've got some inappropriate Insta DM-ing to get to! So without further a-dude, check out some of Cameron Robbie's sexiest shirtless pictures below. Sorry Marge. ... read more

Now Streaming: American Pie, Into the Dark: Down & Edge of Seventeen 2.5.19 Matt lauria 26e8e5 infobox 18561ef5 featured

You'll want to stream these dreams.... read more

We Like the Way Cameron Dallas Grabs His Crotch Dallas chasing cameron 705d80b3 infobox 4ed08423 featured

Don't you?... read more

Nyle DiMarco Uses His Infinite Hotness for Good on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee Shirtless nyle 8da2ffa0 featured

Nyle knows that sex - and his shirtless chest - sells!... read more

COMING TO DVD & BLU-RAY: The Deuce, Higher Learning, My Dinner with Herve 2.5.19 Ferguson higher learning 2295eef8 infobox b4ca8738 featured

Get a disc, grab your dick, and let's have fun with these babes.... read more

Let's Play Guess That Cock! Tom hardy dick d0521bb9 web

Can you guess this celebrity dick?... read more

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