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COMING TO DVD & BLU-RAY: Art School Confidential, Halloween III & More 10.16.18 Mcgowan black sails cac591db infobox 9a36d137 featured

Plug in your DVD player because there's a lot of dudity coming your way! ... read more

Aquaria Serves a Nude Look for Instagram Screen shot 2018 10 15 at 2 09 19 pm 195ecd61 web

Cheers to this new tuck technique!... read more

Man Crush Monday: Bradley Cooper Cooper hangover 889c202e infobox 07eab58d featured

Bradley is our Man Crush on Monday and every day of the darn week! ... read more

Pete Davidson is Back on the Market Davidson jim gaffigan show 6b070d8b infobox e09b694f featured

There's still a chance for us!... read more

Foreign Film Friday: Diet of Sex Rodriguez diet of sex 5044e9ce infobox 9a639a6b featured

If you need to go on a diet, we recommend trying the erect penis in Diet of Sex. ... read more

Top Ten Horror Movie Nudes Bale amerpsycho hd s 11 infobox bbf33c22 featured

Being scared never felt so horny!... read more

#TBT to Dustin Hoffman Hoffman tootsie c1d4546b infobox 5bfa50d9 featured

His nude scene in Straight Time made us the opposite of straight! ... read more

Sexy GIFs of Guys Having Sex Drinkme 78d7c082 web

We caught them in the act and made GIFs about it! ... read more

Let's Play Guess Those Buns! Screen shot 2018 09 27 at 3 31 15 pm 174ea79d web

Fancy a guess at this ass? ... read more

Man Crush Monday: Giovanni Ribisi Ribisi suburbia 8c7e7411 infobox 202a24a3 web

Giovanni's penis is our #everydaycrush ... read more

Foreign Film Friday: Sevilla Greidanus sevilla bce3aa51 infobox cfef26a2 featured

We think it is mandatory that a road trip movie has a skinny dipping scene. ... read more

Movie Nudity Report: A Star Is Born, Venom, Loving Pablo & More 10.5.18 Harris swing shift e615bdc8 infobox e2f3c282 featured

Odd are good someone is bound to get naked in one of these movies!... read more

#TBT to Sidney Poitier Poitier lilies of field 7542b1ce infobox 54f99f62 featured

#TBT to Sidney's Oscar-winning shirtlessness. ... read more

Top Ten Most Muscular Butts Schwarzenegger red heat 5b2d7f65 infobox 53ee4466 featured

Take a look at these buff butts... read more

GIFs of Straight Celebrities Playing Gay Wethot a1cd04ac web

They're only acting, but it's still hot. ... read more

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