The parody of true crime series American Vandal has not disappointed me, not at all - and not just because it's funny AF. Part of the casting strategy involved former YouTube and comedy stars - you know, hot guys who know how to film this kind of a deadpan parody like the pros they are. 

Both Jimmy Tatro and Ryan O'Flanagan have acting creds, but they didn't get their starts the traditional way. Here goes: 

Jimmy Tatro: Max

Jimmy plays the star of the show, the very guy who's been accused of drawing all the dicks on the cars! Not entirely surprising, considering the comedian and college guy got his start as the internet's favorite frat star, and his undeniably bro-y voice (and sexy bod) make him an obvious choice. 

His character Max was the camera guy at his school's TV station, and so was real-life Jimmy in high school. Coincidence? Maybe. 

Ryan O'Flanagan: Mr. Kraz

Ryan O'Flanagan as Mr. Kraz

Ryan, on the other hand, is a stand-up comic who is largely known for his Overly Enthusiastic Tourist videos for Funny or Die. (If you haven't seen 'em, you must). He's part of Dead Kevin, an improv group who also does quite a few YouTube videos. Would ya look at that! 

Both fine fellas have burgeoning comedy and film careers and we can't WAIT. Also, we get to see Jimmy's ass cheek in Vandal. It's great.