Armie and Timothée are both hetero in real life, but put on a compelling and erotic performance as lovers in the critically acclaimed Call Me By Your Name.

You can see the chemistry they've built in every interview they've given since the film's debut, and they have a funny, hot story about their very first rehearsal when the director had them passionately make out in the grass and then sneakily walked away to leave them to it without them knowing. Ah, to be a fly on the... lawn, I guess. 

It's amazing to see these actors not just embrace the roles, but embrace the bond they created through the roles unabashedly. One reporter even told them fans were "shipping" their relationship, meaning they were hoping for it to be real. Armie's response? "This love is as real as it gets."

I've spent a remarkable amount of time watching their interviews together, and they are heart-melting. They made out before shooting every single scene to "warm up," even if they weren't in it together, and they hung out in Italy for three weeks alone prior filming to build authentic intimacy. It definitely, definitely worked. The movie has been nominated for more than 16 awards. If you haven't seen it yet, you MUST.