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Black Haired Beauties


Black hair, DO care! There's something about a man with a nice, thick, juicy... head of jet-black hair, that really does something to us down there. Get ready to fall for the follicles on this sexy Black Haired Beauties playlist!

First up, Mr. Jennifer Aniston himself, Justin Theroux, has some Therouxly delicious hair that helps accentuate his hot cock on Six Feet Under! The manliest man around, Idris Elba, shows his monstrous man mounds in 100 Streets. Donald Glover, 50 Cent, and Tatsuya Fuji join in on the Bare Club for Men. Next, beeftastic boys Jason Momoa and Kit Harington both lend their hot asses to Game of Thrones. More like Hairington, right? Throw in full nudity from Tony Ka Fai Leung and Naveen Andrews, and black will make you jack!

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