Undeniable truths: Dan Savage is really hot, and so is his husband (and now model) Terry Miller. Terry Miller is the face of Tom of Finland and just went nude for BOY Magazine. If I could use the drooling emoji on this blog, I would. 

Terry embarked on his modeling career around the time he and Dan's son DJ graduated from high school, and oh my god, we're so glad he did. 

The super sculpted, super sexy man hosts fetish parties when he's not modeling - and I highly, highly suggest you head over to his Instagram to see more of that kind of content. 

His pure, unadultered sexiness really tickles me because I love Dan Savage so much and have always found him super sexy as well. This is a beautiful, monogamish couple that we need in this world. 

Anyways, enjoy these incredible photos of Terry and pray that more come out soon.