We've (OK, he's) come a long way since Drake and Josh. The photo was released through People in conjunction with his brand spankin' (and I do mean spankin') new music video, Rewind. Here's an excerpt from his People statement:

“‘Rewind’ is an exploration into a world where lines have blurred. How do you define true love versus pure passion?'” says Bell - who shared a behind-the-scenes photo exclusively with PEOPLE from the shoot - about the track. “Are we in love or is it just our bodies reacting to the electricity between us? Take a listen and find out.”

Look, I knew Drake was working out, but I didn't know this was happening while he and Josh were making up and becoming best friends again. Do you guys know how I feel about a six pack/sleeve tattoo combo? DO YOU? 

Sorry, I'll reel it in. And by reel it in, I mean make this photo my photo home screen.