Open wide for a big German dick to please your pie-hole on today's Foreign Film Friday. We're traveling to a nudity-filled favorite, Germany, in order to get a good look at a hunk with a hog. Today's Foreign Film Friday adventure is The Wicked Uncle which features full frontal from Jörg-Heinrich Benthien.


This 2011 movie follows a single mom in a small village who accuses the local gym teacher of abusing her daughter. Everyone is upset by this accusation and people turn against each other as they search for the truth. While they're all doing that, we're focusing on the wickedly gorgeous Jörg-Heinrich Benthien as he plays guitar and saxophone in the shower with his thick dick swaying to the music. How hypnotic! 


He shows off more of his beautiful balls when he tucks his penis. Check out that little bush on him as he teases us with his nethers. Plus there's a scene with tons of uncredited German nude men hanging out in boxes like they are decor hanging on a shelf. Watch that scene here and see if you can catch as much dick as you want: