Emmerdale hasn't done much for titillating male nudity, but the news that two actors who play brothers on the show are dating IRL is titillating me like whoa. The long-running English soap opera has been on the air since 1972 and is set in a fake Yorkshire village. It's not a show that would be known for sexy gay romance because that's not usually nan's cuppa tea, but brothers who bang IRL is the tea I need. Pour me a cup of piping hot brotherly love! The actors, Max Parker and Kris Mochrie play brothers Luke and Lee Posner. The beautiful boys met on set during Mochrie's final shoot date after his character was (SPOILER) killed off. The brothers never actually had scenes together which might be wise for the show's plot. There's no doubt that their sexual chemistry would have been off-the-charts. Look at how adorable they are:

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London lads lazily lounging like #alliteration #gcseenglish #summer

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Previously, the show gave us nudity from Matthew Wolfenden who is so fine. He poses with fruit and vegetables in a grocery store, showing his ass when he wears an apron that has nothing underneath.


Hey, Matthew, we like your veg. Wait, should we all start watching Emmerdale? If their fan base becomes rabid fans of dudity, then the producers might have to give us what we want. Check out the scene with Matthew Wolfenden to decide for yourself here: