H8ers Can H8: Bryan Abasolo Was the Best Possible Bachelorette Winner

Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 5:00pm by Annie Position

Anyone who's ever watched The Bachelorette knows it chock full of incredibly sexy men, even if reality TV is completey choreographed for maximum viewers. Oh well!

The season finale went down last night, and the beautiful, Spanish-speaking chiropractor from Miami (AKA, Bryan Abasolo) won and proposed to Rachel Lindsay, the Bachelorette, and I squealed with joy. The rest of the internet was apparently not so thrilled, though, instead craving the very ambivalent and monotonous Peter. 

I really, truly don't get why Bryan wasn't more popular with the public. He's charismatic, straightforward, enthusiastic, successful, and OH YEAH - a delicious slice of Latino flavor.

UGH. Anywho, I'm a huge fan. 

But really, people - Team Bryan or bust.