Harry Styles Has a Song About Being Bi Called 'Medicine' and OMG, YES

Thu, Mar 15, 2018 at 5:00pm by Annie Position

Harry Styles did a show in Switzerland this week, and he debuted two brand new songs - one called "Medicine." The lyrics are all about being bisexual, and fans are understandably freaking the f*ck out.

Eh hem - the lyrics in (sort of) full: 

Tingle running through my blood, fingers to my toes
Tingle running through my bones
The boys and the girls are here
I mess ’round a bit
And I’m okay with it
The boys and girls are here
I’m messing ’round with them
And I’m okay with it

(Here's a fan clip.) Even Troye Sivan had a reaction: 

No word yet on whether or not this means Harry himself is bi, BUT IT LOOKS GOOD, PEOPLE.

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