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Hebrew Hotties


Isn't it time you found yourself a nice Jewish boy? Hollywood is full of gorgeous Jewish men who love to drop trou in their flicks, and we've gathered the choicest of the chosen people on today's playlist! First off, Harvey Keitel gives us multiple looks at his matzo balls and amazing physique in this artsy scene. Joseph Gordon-Levitt proves that he's cut as he shows off his lean, youthful bod and even his junk! Next, Shia is anything but shy as he bares ball for the sake of art. You'd be proud to bring funnyman Jason Segel home to your parents, as long as you get some alone time with that thick peen. In one of 2015's most shocking nude moments, Lenny Kravitz rips upon his pants during a concert to show us his junk - cock piercing and all! Hottie Jake Gyllenhaal reveals his gelt sack and ass crack while banging a chick in a dorm room. Don't miss ageless hunk Robert Downey Jr. in a codpiece as he fannies around the room. Next, get up close and personal with David Duchovny's ass and see his Chanukah candle off in the distance. Spider-Man heartthrob Andrew Garfield can cover us with his sticky web any day. Finally, no self respecting list of Jewish Hollywood hunks would be complete without the gorgeous Eric Dane and his underwater butthole! Jew know what we mean?


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