It Turns Out That Dylan Sprouse Is the Youngest Mead Master Brewer in the Country

Thu, Sep 7, 2017 at 5:00pm by Annie Position

Dylan Sprouse, owner of All-Wise Meadery, playing with his dog

Flaxen-haired Dylan Sprouse has taken a decidely different career turn than his brother Cole - he's now the co-owner of an up-and-coming NYC meadery. Yes, mead, that medieval drink you're thinking of. 

There are a few notable things about this. One, he's the youngest mead masterbrewer in the US, which is pretty sexy. (Men who can make things, yum.) It's also not the standard former-child-star pathway. Dylan learned how to make mead in college, when he predominantly brewed it because, well, he wasn't 21 yet, and mead is the easiest alcohol to brew. 

Dylan Sprouse modeling

He also connected to Heathenry through mead, the typical alcoholic beverage served at blóts. What is Heathenry, you ask? It's a form of German/Nordic paganism that pre-dates Christianity and has been experiencing a sweeping revival. It's very medieval, which is nifty, too. 

Anyways, his meadery, All-Wise, opened this fall and has received quite a bit of well-earned press. If you live in NYC, you should check it out - or if you don't, you can do what I'm doing: Sip some mead and dream of the Sprouses.