The super sexy Jake Choi is an Asian American stud heating up our screens. He gave a very illuminating interview in Very Good Light about his sexuality and what it means to be masculine. 


We became well-acquainted with Jake after watching his ass in Front Cover which was all about him as an American photographer falling in love with a Chinese actor. We'd put his buns on the front cover of any dirty mag. 


And we had a feeling he was sexually fluid after seeing how convincing he was when he was cuddling with his boyfriend in bed. He said that at the time he identified as straight, but he got to know himself better and became more open about how he sees himself and who he is attracted to. We're definitely here for that if it means more gay love scenes from Jake!


We can't wait to see what Jake Choi has in store for us in the future. Hopefully, now that he's fully himself, this ABC star will take some more very sexy risks.