He is consistently getting more and more perfect, and I'm wishing more and more that I were Canadian. He's the first major world leader to be featured on the front cover of Attitude Magazine, after he invited them to spend some time with him while he marched in the Canadian Pride Parade. 

“The LGBT+ community has become emblematic of the fight for human rights," he said in the interview. The fact that so many people have gone for so long feeling that they had to be ashamed, or hide something about their core identity to fit into society is a lesson for everyone to push against."

He also spent a lot of time talking about why, exactly, Canadians are so progressive in comparison to some countries - very useful information for the rest of us trying to make change at home. 

“If you allay people’s anxieties and fears about their own economic future, about their jobs and about their kids’ futures, it’s easier to build a cohesive, inclusive and positive society,” he said.

What an amazing dude. And DAMN, he looks so sauve on the cover. Mm-mm-mmm.

As a fun Thursday extra, here's a video of Trudeau speaking French, if that excites you as much as it excites me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯