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Masturbation Scenes!


A man spending some solo time with his manhood on the big screen is dirty and sexy! Being able to see a Hollywood hottie give it a yank or a tug is a voyeur’s dream. This intimate moment becomes a time to let your fingers wander and explore beneath your belt. Check out these wonderful scenes of the masters of masturbation.

Paul Dawson, Raphael Barker, and Adam Hardman get frisky and fun in the amazingly erotic film Shortbus. Jason Biggs attempts to reach orgasm using unconventional methods in American Pie. In The Rules of Attraction, Ian Somerhalder hides his moment of bliss with a pillow while daydreaming about James Van Der Beek. Kevin Spacey spends a little extra time in the shower in American Beauty. Y tu mama también showcases Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal as they relax by the pool. Plus, plenty more!

These sexy scenes of solo pleasure can’t be beat! Now, stop reading this and start watching some hot dudes reach bliss!

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