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Nude Men With Musical Instruments


We see a horn we'd like to blow! Some of the sexiest men in Hollywood have stripped down in scenes with musical instruments, and we've got them all here on this Playlist. From ClASSical to Cock and Roll, these insanely hot actors all let their instruments hang out for our enjoyment!

Ewan McGregor shows a HOLE lot of himself while on stage in an epic fully nude scene from Velvet Goldmine. Lenny Kravitz had the dick slip heard round the world at a live concert in 2015, Matthew McConaighey's bongo buns are truly timeless in Surfer, Dude, and Ryan Corr once stripped down in Holding the Man. Also, who could forget Jason Biggs in American Pie 2, the gorgeous Emile Hirsch in Bonnie and Clyde, and of course, the fierce Guy Pearce in Results? You could say that these sexy boys all really strike a chord with us........

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