Tab Hunter was the very model of an All-American star. The blond boy-next-door was an actor, singer, writer, producer and early gay icon. We're sad to learn that today he has passed away, so we want to remember his amazing life and charming smile. 

The New York City native was a well-known star in the 1950's and 60's and even had a pop hit "Young Love" that charted #1 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart for six straight weeks. As a Warner Brothers star, he began working in westerns before entertaining us in musicals like Damn Yankees! 

Unlike other early gay stars, rumors that circulated about Tab's sexuality didn't negatively impact his career in the long-run. He simply ignored them and continued secretly dating people like Anthony Perkins. Tab later embraced his queerness and started working with John Waters and Divine.

In the 80's he settled down with his life partner Allan Glaser. Tab died due to complications from a blood clot right before his 87th birthday. We'll remember him by one of our favorite quotes of his, “If anyone doesn't like you that's their bad taste." And who couldn't like Tab Hunter? Rest in sexiness, Tab!