For today's Throwback Thursday we are going to get ultra-specific. We want to talk about a movie, but not just the movie. We are zooming in on the shower scene from 1989's Tango & Cash starring Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone. 80s hunks showering together? It's the #TBT of our dreams! 


These macho men play cops that have gotten twisted up in some trouble. They have to prove their innocence - and fight crime shirtless while doing it. The best scene in the movie by far is when the pair shower together, being paraded naked down a tiled hall with their buns facing the camera. 


The real tease comes when they shower together. We wish we were in between these two studs as the steam and suds cover their muscular bods. We're chomping at the bit to see more and they keep teasing us with the possibility as they move around the shower, passionately arguing about whatever. 

Kurt Russell ducks down to grab some soap which "freaks" Sylvester Stallone out (eye-roll, get over it, Stallone!). Stallone asks what he's doing and Russell replies, "Don't flatter yourself...peewee." He says peewee as he looks at his cock which has us wondering just how peewee it really is. Was Russell teasing or is Stallone rocking a peewee penis? 

Watch the scene and you'll see what we mean!