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The Best Butts of the 2000's


If you were around in the 2000's then you know that it was truly the decade of the hot celebrity butt, and if you weren't, you probably shouldn't be on MrMan.com! Our ass-perts went over all the hottest 2000's movie and television moments with a fine-toothed ass hair comb to find the best butt scenes of the decade, and the results do not disappoint! First up, a twinkilicious Joseph Gordon Levitt bared buns and banged a bro in 2004's Mysterious Skin. The ageless Antonio Banderas went bare-assed in 2001's Original Sin, while total daddy Joe Manganiello brought the small screen ass to the iconic 2000's series True Blood. The stunning Gael Garcia Bernal showed off one of the best butts of the millennium in 2004's Bad Education, Ryan Reynolds had audiences covered in milk with his lengthy outdoor nude scene in 2001's Buying the Cow, and then future A-lister Chris Pratt delivered a taste of things to come in 2008's Wanted. Throw in funny bunnies from Seth Rogen, Will Ferrell, and Kal Pen, as well as a heaping handful of other hot celebrity asses, and the 2000's were just buttloads of fun!


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